About 6X6 Lacrosse

Six feet high. Six feet wide.

Those are the dimensions of a lacrosse cage. But true lacrosse players know you can’t measure what the sport is really about. The passion. The dedication. Taking your stick wherever you go. Hours spent on the wall without getting bored. Speaking a language only you and your teammates understand. Being part of a community as tightly woven as a good pocket.

Others don’t get it. But we do.

We’re 6X6 Lacrosse, and we’re all about the gear you throw on once you step off the field. Awesome designer T-shirts. Killer designer New Era caps. And whatever else we come up with. It’s lacrosse clothing and apparel that lets everyone know you eat, sleep and breathe the sport. All day, every day.

Make sure you check back often, because we’re always serving up the hottest designs and styles. Order now; then get back to working on your lefty rip down the alley.